About Us

Kuzey Expo was established by a highly experienced professional team in the fair organization sector. We are aiming to expand your client portfolio through value added services, and want to help you find the right direction while sailing to new horizons. We are the one who can create synergy for mutual benefit of all players, and who is the right and eliable company that shapes your future.


We, as Kuzey Expo, aim to help Turkish industrialists promote their products and services abroad, and to direct our valuable Turkish companies to the right markets by taking the right actions towards the development of exports.


In order to increase the quality of stand and to contribute to the development of our sector, our mission is; To acknowledge the players that fairs are not a luxury but a necessity, To offer fair organization services to the industry at the highest level, in a widespread and integrated structure alongwith appropriate economic conditions. To spread the awareness that the fairs are organized not for the sakes of organizers, but whole industry.


To be the leading and pioneer fair company in its sector, and organizing fairs with high demand at national and international level.